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Committee on Library

The Committee on Library shall have general supervision of the Library of the Academy and under the direction and supervision of the Directing Librarian. 

Chair - Saulius J. Skeivys, MD

Committee on Medicine in Society

The Committee on Medicine in Society shall be concerned with social aspects of medicine and with the discussion of such problems by way of conferences, seminars and other media. Questions of public policy referred from outside sources are the province of the Committee on Medicine in Society. 

Chair - David Fishman, MD

Committee on Public Health

The Committee on Public Health shall take cognizance of all matters relating to public health and to public and private provision for the care of the sick and policies connected therewith.

The Committee shall keep itself informed on national, state, and local legislation that may affect public health, the provision for the sick and the practice of medicine.

The Committee shall cooperate with public health activities, make studies, and prepare statements upon matters pertaining to public health and hospital. 

Chair - Lorraine Giordano, MD, FACEP, FAADM

Committee on Medical Education

The Committee on Medical Education shall be concerned with all matters relating to medical education; it shall organize meetings and symposia and conduct other activities in this field.

If not otherwise specified in the conditions under which a supporting grant or endowment is given to and accepted by the Academy, all Academy awards, educational and research fellowships and named lectureships shall be administered by the Committee. It may delegate responsibility for the selection of recipients to appropriate subcommittees or sections.

Chairs - Penny Stern, MD and Lorraine Giordano, MD, FACEP, FAADM

If you wish to volunteer for any of the above committees or have general questions on CME accreditation, please contact us at 718.268.7300

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