Purpose and Goal: 

The Academy functions within the Medical Society of the County of Queens which has been in existence since 1806.

The Academy of Medicine of Queens County affirms its obligation to support a County wide system of effective continuing medical education in order to provide the physicians of the County with the means to enhance their competence and performance.

The goal of this system is to upgrade medical care throughout the County by maintaining, augmenting and updating physicians’ medical knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to facilitate their delivery of medical care to their patients.

Content Areas:

This CME program shall include educational activities relevant to the practice of all recognized medical disciplines. To implement this most effectively the Academy, in addition to the educational offerings it provides and sponsors directly has committed itself to jointly sponsor and cooperate with unaccredited sponsors and providers of Continuing Medical Education.

The Academy has always been dedicated to presenting Continuing Medical Education activities which serve to maintain, develop and update the professional knowledge of physicians. To accomplish this, the Academy also provides training and certification programs for staff and other health care professionals in the areas of practice management. The Academy strives to design programs that will result in enhancing the relationships that physicians have with patients, the public and others in the medical profession.

Target Audience:

While the target audience is primarily physicians of all specialties in Queens County, physicians and their staff members from other counties may also be included when appropriate.

Types of Activities:

The Academy shall utilize all formats including conventional and electronic modes to provide and deliver continuing medical education. It shall be the policy of the Academy that its Continuing Medical Education offerings be readily accessible at reasonable cost to all physicians.

Expected Outcomes:

Following an activity we expect learners to report enhanced or reinforced knowledge that will impact their competence or performance or to indicate barriers that would prevent such an impact as indicated by evaluation.

For general inquiries on CME accreditation please contact Moira Casey at 718.268.7300.

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