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Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee shall review proposed Amendments to the Bylaws which have been forwarded to the Committee by the President. The Committee shall consider the proposed Amendment and make a recommendation to the Comitia Minora, in accordance with Article XI of the Bylaws.

Chair - L. Carlos Zapata, MD, FACEP

Public Affairs Committee

The Public Affairs Committee shall maintain a Speakers Bureau and perform other duties as shall be designated by Comitia Minora to transmit information of interest to physicians and the public.

Chair - Ayman Z. Attia, MD

Public Health Committee

The Public Health Committee shall acquaint itself with activities of agencies relating to public health. It shall keep informed on matters relating to the public health of the community and make such recommendations to Comitia Minora, as it deems necessary.

Chair - Allen Small, MD

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee shall keep the Society informed concerning proposed legislation which may affect the practice of medicine, the public health, or other proper interests of the medical profession.

Co Chair - Charles Lopresto, DO

Co Chair - James E. Satterfield, MD

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee shall edit and publish the Bulletin, which shall be the official publication of the Medical Society of the County of Queens, Inc. The Secretary shall be Chairperson of the Publications Committee and Editor of the Bulletin.

Chair - Joseph T. Cooke, MD

Medical Care Reimbursement Committee

The Medical Care Reimbursement Committee shall consider matters related to the Medicare and Medicaid programs, as well as other economic aspects of medical practice. It shall report these matters to the Comitia Minora. 

Chair - Joseph T. Cooke, MD

Visiting Committee

The Visiting Committee shall report on members who are physically or mentally disabled, or in financial need, and recommend appropriate action to Comitia Minora. Members must apply for hardship status directly to the Visiting Committee.

Chairs - Penny M. Stern, MD and Michael L. Richter, MD

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee shall take such measures, as it deems proper to encourage all eligible doctors of medicine and osteopathy to become members of the Society. The Committee shall recommend to Comitia Minora and implement strategies to recruit new members.

Chairs - Paul Aaronson, MD

Workers' Compensation Committee

The Workers' Compensation Committee, using criteria established by the Workers' Compensation Board, shall investigate an applicant's qualifications for listing on the Workers' Compensation Panel and shall make recommendations thereon to the Workers' Compensation Board.  

Chair - Michael L. Richter, MD

If you wish to volunteer for any of the above committees please email or call 718.268.7300

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