In the beginning of the Pandemic in 2020, one of  our members, Dr. Erik Blutinger, created a video to give us an indication of the severity of the Covid-19 Virus and the traumatic impact it was having on Queens. 

 "I made the video diaries to help illustrate challenging conditions on the front lines, to convey the devastating impact of COVID-19, and the importance of following public health guidance. Footage was shot during the early days of the pandemic here in New York City, hopefully leaving behind important lessons that can be used for future generations."

This video underlines the necessity for Covid-19 vaccinations for all, as it becomes available. Take a look to see where we were then and were we are now.  Our health care workers, essentials workers and elderly are getting vaccinated and the roll out is gaining momentum everyday.  The  Medical Society of Queens County believes in the science. Vaccinate Queens.

Medical Society of the County of Queens Social Media Campaign #MSCQ4Covid19Vaccines.  We got vaccinated. Research shows that vaccines are safe and effective.  The rollout is improving and we doctors encourage all to get the shot against Covid 19 when possible! Vaccinate Queens!

The vaccination against SARS CoV 2 (COVID 19) is our most important tool to combat this disease.  The vaccines are safe, and they are effective.  The more New Yorkers vaccinated, the lower the viral replication, the lower the number of mutations we will encounter.  The fewer of you will become ill.  

There is much misinformation, many hoaxes, and conspiracy theories about the current vaccines. The  choppy rollout has led to the politicization of the process. We must   rely upon facts and science.  We must turn to reliable sources such   as  Despite the slow start, the Covid-19 vaccine rollout is   improving. One could argue the initial limits on who could be   vaccinated was a mistake.  This will be behind us in the coming   weeks as more doses become available.  More sites are already   coming online, and the process will become easier.

 In a county as diverse and unique   as Queens, it is crucial that we   speak with one voice and one   message about the Covid 19   vaccines.   Getting vaccinated is   the best way to contain this virus   and prevent illness that has hurt   many of our fellow citizens,   colleagues, and loved ones. 

 With #MSCQ4Covid19Vaccines, we want to inform and encourage all, despite the slow roll out, to receive the vaccine.  The only way

 forward is through: the vaccine will soon be available to all, and we want you to feel confident and secure. Check us out periodically to hear our personal experiences, opinions, and guidance to get new updates and information.   We, the Medical Society of the County of

 Queens members, strongly encourage and support that all be vaccinated.  We believe in the safety and necessity of vaccines. Current vaccine candidates (including Pfizer and Moderna)  have been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use and are proven to be safe and effective!  As the vaccine supply increases, the restrictions will be lifted, and the opportunities to be vaccinated will increase.  In the meantime, act responsibly,  wash your hands, socially distance, and wear a mask.  



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